Prehistoric Times

prehistoric experts believe that there have been people on earth for more 1,750,000 years. During most of those years, there was no written history because people did not develop the skill of writing until about 5,000 years ago. The period of time beginning with the appearance of people on earth and ending with the first written records of history is called the prehistoric period. After that time, people began to advance culturally and to live in cities. This was the beginning of civilization.

Before the rise of cities, people went through several stages of development. At first, they wandered from place to place in search of food. Experts call this period the hunting and food gathering period. During this period, people made several important discoveries. These discoveries included tools, language, fire, clothing, art, and religion.

About 10,000 years ago, people invented farming and became food producers, instead of hunters and food gatherers. Once they began to farm, they settled in one place and built villages. There they developed salt metals. They also developed more formal ideas about government and religion. Almost all of what is known about the prehistoric period has been learned in the last few hundred years. Each year scientist discover something new about the distant past. Each discovery that the scientist make bring them closer to piecing together the mystery of how civilization was formed.

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Hardiwinoto Muchtar

Hardiwinoto adalah seorang peneliti ekonomi, dosen, kolomnis, dan pegiat sosial. Kegiatan yang dilakukan terkait dengan koleksi buku-buku ilmu pengetahuan, ekonomi, politik, sastra dan sejarah.

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