Kublai Khan

Kublai Khan

hardiwinoto.com – Kublai Khan (1216-1294) was the grandson of Genghis Khan and founder of Mongol (Yuan) Dynasty. In China. He ruled over a large empire than any human being before him.

Kublai was elected supreme khan in 1259. His brother Hulagu, khan of Persia, was one of the many khans who were vassals to Kublai. Kublai’s great ambition was to conquer China, the northern part of which called Cathay by westerners had already been partially occupied by Genghis.

But China south of the Yellow River was still in the hands of the Sung Dynasty. Kublai’s armies overran and occupied the whole of China. Kublai then transferred his capital from Mongolia to Peking in 1267. Later he led two unsuccessful expeditions against Japan and one against Java. But he succeeded in subjecting what is today Indochina and part of Burma and Thailand. In the west, Kublai’s empire reached to the frontiers of Poland.

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